this it the report of making my kotatsu (Wikipedia)

I making myself a kotatsu.

If you are planning to make one yourself you can always mail me for the plans infoATkoenkv.be replace AT with @ 

This is the wood I bought

This is beech wood

I brought that to a friend to plane the wood he also glued the table-top

This is the wood for the legs and frame of the kotatsu

After cutting the wood tis is a layout how the frame is going to look

My table-top came back

My dad is helping me sanding tha table-top

Tis is the result of the scouring

My frame put together

A test for the hight

painting my table first with a color paint and than with a color less varnish

this is the result so far I still have to make a blanket but that is for later

My table at my apartment