The Box

  • Node-red backend software

  • The Box assembled

    The closed suitcase
    The closed suitcase
    The Box open with some modules
    Top view of The Box with modules
    Top view of The Box without modules
    Lid of the open Box
    Back side Lid (inside Raspberry pi, RF module, clock module and speakers
    Inside bottom box (backplane) (inside 2 I2C multiplexers and 5v to 3v converter)
    The already finished modules (sliders, numbers, dials, buttons, switches and wireconnect)
    Bottom side from an module
    The sides of an module is holed closed with magnets
    The power supply

    Still to do is the software

  • Backplane design images

    The pcb inside the box
    The PCB inside the module
    The Finished PCB
    The kicad drawing

  • My first drawings of The Box

    This are some images of drawings of The Box

    The box with modules
    The Bow without modules
    The modules holder
    Backside of the module holder
    Button module
    Keypad module
    Slider module
    Display module
    Backside module

  • The first post for The Box blog

    This is the first post for The Box blog